Branding Is Easy As

Branding step 1

Email us your logo & the product codes of the garments you are interested in.

Branding step 2

We email you a quote for approval.

Branding step 3

You approve the quote, we send you a visual, await your payment and start your job.




Screen Printing

digital transfer

Digital Transfer

EMBROIDERY - Minimum 10 pcs

This can be split across multiple items, ie. caps/shirts.

Usually suited for pocket size logos going on tops such as polos, business shirts & jackets. Logo prices vary depending on complexity.

Email us your logo so we can calculate the stitch count and give you our best price. These prices are an indication of what you will be paying according to the size of your logo(s).

SCREENPRINT - Minimum 20 pcs

Suited for casual garments such as tee shirts, sweatshirts or back or sports jackets, cost effective for large run.

Please note we have in-house screen printing allowing for quick turnaround + cost effectiveness.

Prints larger than A3 size (380mm x 450mm), add one colour and setup is $60 per screen