Vinyl Transfers

We offer two in house heat transfer vinyl options. The first of which is strait cut vinyl (generally lettering & numbers). This is done using different coloured vinyl and is generated using a computer operated plotter which cuts the media in to the shape, simple design, number or letters that are required. These are then pressed using heat onto the desired garment using a commercial heat press.

The second method is a digitally printed & cut heat transfer vinyl. With this method of branding, the design is printed via a large format commercial solvent roll printer directly onto a white vinyl media. The vinyl media is then cut to shape on the machine to the contour of the design or the shape you require. The transfer is then like the straight cut vinyl applied to the garment using a commercial heat press.

Both options being a digital process are low cost in terms of set up and are very competitive on low volume runs of personalised garments (nicknames, touch shirt numbering etc) or small run multi colour designs where photo replication or tonal graphics may be required (Digital Print & Cut).