About Quality Uniforms

Repro Graphics NZ Ltd has been serving Kiwis from 1978. Besides Print, we also have Quality Uniforms a New Zealand's online uniform and wholesale clothing store. Unique in that we provide the same quality of Uniforms sold by other uniform providers but at a better price. We aim to make Quality Uniforms and Clothing universally accessible giving small organizations the opportunity to present their brand and image to its full potential. Quality Uniforms offers embroidery and printing solutions meaning you get branded gear smartly. We love nothing more than seeing sports teams, school students and local businesses wearing their uniforms with pride and knowing that we have played a small part in that. Contact us today.

We are listening to our kiwis wanting a solution. The writing on the walls is getting bigger and louder.

"My son just finished primary school and is going to intermediate for two years, and I've just had to spend $500 for a uniform - that's going to be two years."

"It's absolutely disgraceful. I feel like whenever I go into these uniform shops they need to have a balaclava on because they're robbing people."- Former professional boxer Dave Letele - known as the "Brown Buttabean". He says last year it cost him $1000 to kit out his three school-aged children.

"It's a massive amount of money. For a lot of us people were living week to week, paycheque to paycheque.  Some of us are living day to day. How are we going to pay this sort of money?"

The Government admits it's a problem and says it's looking into what it can do.

"I certainly think that we will look to put in place some guidelines around school uniforms," Education Minister Chris Hipkins told Newshub

"I don't want to see schools making a big profit from the sale of school uniforms. It seems to me that cuts against the New Zealand tradition of a free school education."

Source: http://www.newshub.co.nz/home/new-zealand/2018/01/school-uniform-prices-should-be-lowered-education-minister.html

Quality Uniforms is a nationwide supplier of businesses, teams, and individuals of top quality corporate apparel, sportswear, team wear, hospitality apparel, healthcare apparel, and workwear. We specialize in stock service lines to provide continuity of supply for future staff or team purchases. To finalize your wardrobe we offer an embroidery and screen printing service to brand garments with your logo.

Quality Uniforms is the trading name of Repro Graphics NZ Ltd.